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We absolutely love walk-in! However, they are first come, first served. We may be busy when you walk-in, because…you know…we didn’t know you were coming. But if you are patient we will work you in asap.

If you absolutely need a tattoo at a certain time on a specific day, then you want an appointment.


Tattoo Appointments

To schedule an appointment just fill out our consultation form. To schedule anything we need to know what it is and how long we need to book off so we don’t overlap with other appointments. Because of this we will ask any questions we may have via email and then price the tattoo for you and once a nonrefundable deposit is in place we will schedule it.



Piercings are walk-in only, except in the case of childrens ear piercings (ages 5-12), which are appointment only in the morning before normal shop hours begin. 

Find out what you need for minor piercings, piercing prices, jewelry brands and materials, and more by clicking the button below.


Top Notch Equipment

The only thing we find more important than the art is the safety factor. All of our artist are Bloodborne Pathogen certified and CPR certified. We take cross contamination prevention very serious. Your health and ours is at risk, and we are well aware of this.

We only use Statim autoclaves in our shop. These are known world wide as the best counter top autoclaves on the market. We have both the 2000 and 5000 models. Each are spore tested at least monthly.

We take your safety serious.
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Happy Independence Day!

Bald Eagle Tattoo by Sean McAdams (@tattooinlikeabastard)


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This tattoo by Micah (@m_hutsontattoo) makes me want some sushi.

Remember that during this covid-19 crap we are appointment only for tattoos. If you want to schedule an appointment just hit up our website and fill out the consultation form.

Please avoid coming in for pricing. We have a consultation form on our website for that very purpose.
Piercings are walk-in only Friday-Tuesday. You have to come alone and if we are busy you may have to wait in your car until we can get to you.

Covid-19 Rules: All clients must wear a mask (you must provide your own). Only people having work done may come in. That means no spectators/moral support. Hand sanitize when you walk-in (provided by us). If you are coughing you will be asked to leave.
Visit our website for shop hours, location, piercing prices, and more!
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Tattoo by Micah (@m_hutsontattoo). Hit up our website for tattoo pricing, piercing prices, online consultation, shop hours, and almost every other question you might have.


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Tattoo by Savannah (@princesssparkletwat). Rosemary, rose quartz, and mushrooms.

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Established in 2009
Our Design or Yours

Obviously as artist we prefer to do our own designs, but we will absolutely do yours as well, or flash from our flash wall. But when bringing in your own design please keep in mind that tattooing and drawing on paper or digital mediums are very different things. What works on paper does not always work in the skin, especially when longevity is considered. So when we suggest changes to make it tattooable, remember that we are the professionals and we know a thing or two about it. Trust us.