Piercing Information

Facial Piercings

Nostril: $50
Eyebrow: $50
Septum: $60
Bridge: $60
Anti-Eyebrow: $60

Ear Piercing

Standard Lobe: $50 (Each)
Standard Cartilage: $50
Tragus: $50
Rook: $50
Conch: $50
Daith: $60
Industrial: $70
Anti-Tragus: $50
Snug: $50

Oral Piercings

Upper Lip: $50
Lower Lip: $50
Tongue: $60

Other Piercings

Microdermals: $60
Surface Piercings: Inquire in Person

Below The Neck

Navel: $50
Nipple(s): $50, $90 for both.
Genital: $120

 *All prices include basic jewelry.


Getting a new piercing?

One thing with piercings we deal with constantly is price shopping. We get it, you don’t want to get ripped off. But getting ripped off doesn’t always mean financially. If you are only comparing prices then you are putting yourself at risk.

Do you only look at prices when buying a car or house? Of course not! You compare features and quality and find the best fit for you. Do the same with piercings because all piercers are not equal in skill and experience, and all jewelry is not the same quality.

We can save you some time if you still only care about price. We are not the cheapest, nor the most expensive. But our quality for the price is extremely hard to beat.


We use only implant grade materials such as F136 Implant Grade Titanium or F138 316LVM Implant Grade Steel in all fresh piercings. We also strictly use either push pin or internally threaded jewelry (threads are on the ball instead of the shaft). All materials used from jewelry all the way down to the gauze is sterilized in our Statim autoclaves.

Piercings are walk-in only. No appointment is needed.

Minor Piercings

During normal business hours we will pierce ages 13-15 (ears only) and 16-17 (Ears plus facial and navel) with parental consent of course. We will need to see the minors state issued photo ID such as non-drivers ID, permit, driver license, or passport. A school ID does not count. They will also need their parent present with the parents ID and the minors birth certificate. 

Sound like a lot? We’ve been doing this for a long time and have seen it all. “Cool” aunts, vindictive step moms, etc… We are not going to put ourselves at risk by piercing a minor without parental consent, even on accident. We make copies of everything and keep them on record for years.

We do offer basic lobe piercings to younger children. Ages 8-12. This is done by appointment only before normal business hours. We do not allow children in the shop during normal business hours. No exceptions.