Tattoo Information


We love walk-ins! If we have the time we will always get to them. By their very nature walk-ins are a bit risky. First come, first served. We may be booked at the time you walk in. This can mean you may have to wait a bit, or that you will need to come back another day.

So if you know what day and time you’re planning to get tattooed, then you want an appointment. But if you are feeling wild one random day, come on by and we will do our best to get you in.


This is the most common thing we get asked, and we understand why, but its the way we get asked that can be confusing for us. “How much are your tattoos?” is an odd way to ask us because we don’t know what you’re wanting. Do you want a small simple name or a full backpiece?

Secondly, sizing gets confusing as most people use highly subjective terms to describe size such as small, medium, large. Well just how big is a medium tattoo? Or palm sized, yours or mine? This is going to vary from person to person. This is why we want to know the size in inches. And size is NOT the only factor in pricing. A 5 inch portrait can take longer than a 12″ traditional eagle across the chest.

So in person or through our consultation form, please be specific with us. In our industry we try to never assume anything.

Shop Minimum: $80


All appointments require a nonrefundable deposit. The price tends to be based on the amount of time booked, but no more than $100. Most deposits are $40. 

The deposit will be applied towards your total when you checkout. If you don’t show up you will not be getting a refund. We also only allow one reschedule per deposit with at least 24 hours notice.

Why do we require a deposit? Imagine scheduling a tattoo with a client, drawing it for a few hours, and then on the day of the appointment a really cool walk-in tattoo shows up but you tell them you can’t do it because you have an appointment. They leave, you wait…and wait…and wait… Your appointment never shows. You wasted time drawing and you didn’t get to do that sweet walk-in tattoo. That’s why.

Minor Tattoos

The state of Texas does not allow minors to get tattooed even with parental consent. This is out of our hands, so no exceptions will be made. 

Consultation Form

Want to consult with an artist about your design and get a price quote or even schedule the appointment without leaving your house? We got you! Just fill out this form.

*Please note that it can take 24-72 hours to hear back from us. Our queue stays full and we fight our way through it daily. We are trying our best, I promise.

Please keep in mind that our shop minimum is $80, which means we will not do a tattoo for less than that amount.